Our people are the true driving force behind our success. We've assembled an incredible team of experts who come from diverse backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a genuine passion for their industry and an unwavering commitment to exceeding our customers' expectations.
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Life At Emendo

We have made a promise to our employees, we want to create an incredible workplace where you feel like you belong and thrive. A place where together, we will make a meaningful difference, develop our skills, build strong partnerships, and write the good stories for a brighter future.

At Emendo we try to blend the best of both worlds - the dynamic and innovative environment of engineering along with the autonomy and freedom to truly express your skills and knowledge. Our philosophy centers around empowering engineers to not only excel but to thrive.

You are not merely a cog in the machine but an essential contributor to our collective success. Emendo is a place where your ideas are embraced, and your expertise is recognized and respected.

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Mia Christine
Svenstrup Nielsen

lead MANAGEMENT consultant

"At Emendo I get to try many different types of projects, which allows me to use my scientific background combining it with the Emendo toolbox. Being a fresh graduate, this has been a great opportunity to gain fast knowledge about ‘the real world."


Tanguy Floch

scientific senior consultant

Tanguy holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from DTU and Ecole Centrale Marseille, and has expertise in statistical modelling, design control, and study design spanning tech to manufacturing. Originating from France, Tanguy enjoys the “flatter structure in Danish companies, where everyone's voice is heard, and input is taken seriously.”


Khataei Notabi

scientific lead consultant

Martine has a background in chemical engineering, where she finished her Ph.D. in Medical Biotechnology just before starting at Emendo R&D. She enjoys working on SME projects that allow her to apply her scientific training. 


Nur Sahin

Engineering consultant

Nur joined our engineering team back in 2020, and has a background in civil engineering. Initially joining as a junior consultant. She is especially keen on working on projects where she gets to do BIM (building information modeling) and construction management—but no matter what she's working on, her goal is always to make sure that customers get exactly what they need from their project. 


Andrés Bueno Venegas

scientific consultant

Andrés has a passion for problem-solving and diverse expertise, embracing challenges and fostering creative growth. He aims to bring clarity to client uncertainties through collaboration and encouraging new ways of thinking.


Maria Saabye Jørgensen

senior consultant

"I chose Emendo because I wanted to work with skilled co-workers in a flat hierarchy working environment where the focus is on solving problems together with our customers."

project consulting

Line Qvist


"I initially joined because it was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my diverse background of carpentry, the pharma industry, with my interest for project management."



senior partner

Mikael Elley stepped into the Sr. Partner role back in 2021. Before joining Emendo, Mikael spent almost 25 years in Southern California in the automotive industry. He has previous experience as a Partner in a Technology Management Consulting company serving mostly local Fortune 500 and midsize customers in several industries including Automotive, Entertainment, Pharma, Bio-Tech, and Medical Devices.


Iulia Moraru

office assistant

Since the beginning of 2021, Iulia has played a crucial role in managing all administrative tasks and ensuring the smooth operation of our office in Nordhavn. 

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