Emendo Project Services

We provide a suite of Project Management Office (PMO) offerings including cost management, schedule management, risk management, governance, as well as diligent progress tracking and reporting. Our team ensures your projects are efficiently managed and executed to meet your objectives.


We Contribute to Delivering Successful Projects from Initiation to Completion

Our team of experienced PMO consultants bring a broad range of knowledge to the table.

We apply PMO techniques and theory to deliver the best support for your projects. Our comprehensive toolkit includes an array of best practice methods designed to address every aspect of your project.

We are committed to guide you through every step of your project journey, from initiation through execution to completion. Our approach is not just about overseeing your projects; it’s about supporting them to achieve their full potential and success.

We Empower Organizations with Project Excellence

How We Do It

At Project Services, we take a hands-on approach to deliver solutions that align with your business needs. We work closely with you on-site, sending our dedicated consultants to your location. This direct engagement allows us to immerse ourselves in your environment, gaining a deep understanding of your challenges. We carefully study your systems and processes, ensuring our solutions work with your operations. This integration minimizes disruptions and guarantees an easy adoption process for your team. Our goal is to equip your team with the necessary training and resources, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from our solutions.

Our PMO Services

We cover an important part in project management by handling cost, schedule, and risk management in a structured way. We take an active role in estimating budgets and resources, establishing baselines, and monitor and report on progress. Additionally, we actively identify and estimate risks, enable proactive risk management and mitigation strategies. We tailor our services to your specific project needs, contributing to efficient, on-time, and low-risk project execution.

Mastering Project Controls for Excellence

Specializing in project controls, managing budgets, baselining, and governance management. We empower project managers to stay on top of costs for on-time, on-budget project delivery.

We oversee baselining processes and maintain control over project budgets. Our mission is to empower project managers to remain vigilant over their costs, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and aligned with the predefined scope. With a focus on governance and effective communication, we provide the tools and insights necessary to keep your projects in check.

Navigating Risks for Success

We excel in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks through thorough assessment, monitoring, and reporting, enhancing your decision-making process with expert guidance.

Using a comprehensive approach encompassing risk assessment, mitigation, monitoring, and reporting, we empower you to make well-informed decisions. Our dedicated team facilitates the entire risk management process, ensuring that potential risks are identified, assessed, and reduced effectively. We prioritize follow-up and communication to maintain the integrity of your projects, while also safeguarding their overall success.

Guiding Progress to Project Excellence

We support effective project management, transparency, accountability, and informed decisions. We merge schedule, costs, and scope for accurate performance measurement.

We guide your projects toward excellence by implementing earned value management, merging schedule, costs, and scope. Our reporting structure defines roles and team functions, creating clear reporting lines for seamless collaboration. Additionally, our governance structure outlines stakeholder responsibilities, project team obligations, and communication methods, ensuring a well-structured approach to decision-making and progress monitoring.

Blueprinting Success Through Project Planning

Our project planning services provide a structured blueprint for success. We baseline and maintain schedules, accommodate stakeholder needs, and embed value within project teams.

Our structured processes ensure that project schedules are accurately baselined and maintained, addressing the unique requirements of all stakeholders. We take a hands-on approach, becoming an integral part of your project organization to create value for project teams. Our focus on precision and collaboration ensures that your projects are not just planned but are primed for excellence from the start.

Ensuring succesful procurement projects

With our expertise, we develop procurement strategies, assess the relevant market, evaluate suppliers, negotiate with suppliers, and ensure that the best possible contract is finalized and implemented.

A critical factor for the successful completion of a procurement project is the early involvement of a professional procurement setup. Through early involvement in projects, we ensure several key elements:

  • Cost Control: Early involvement ensures better budget management and reduces the risk of unforeseen expenses.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identifies potential risks and solutions early in the project.
  • Efficiency: Allows for better planning and time management, leading to smoother project execution.

We prioritize follow-up and communication in projects to maintain an overview and ensure overall success.

Our Project Services Team

Our people are the true driving force behind our success. We’ve assembled an incredible team of experts who come from diverse backgrounds, but they all share a common thread: a genuine passion for their industry and an unwavering commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Beyond Emendo

Our people are the true driving force behind our success. We’ve assembled an incredible team of experts who come from diverse backgrounds, but they all share a common thread: a genuine passion for their industry and an unwavering commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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