Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Between 2023-2030 it will become mandatory for consumer products across many industries sold in the EU to have a DPP. Enabling consumers to access all product data concerning Labor, Carbon Footprint, Water usage, Materials, Chemicals, Origin, and possibly more.


Partnering with Emendo Through Your DPP Journey

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) aims to gather data on a product and its supply chain, share it with relevant customers and stakeholders, so they have a better understanding of the materials and products they use and their environmental impact.

The Implementation of DPPs is Designed to Support:

  • Sustainable product production
  • Businesses to create value through circular business models
  • Consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions
  • Verify compliance with legal obligations

Priority is Currently Given to the Following Consumer Products Sold in the EU:

  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Batteries

Between 2023 and 2030, many consumer products in the EU will be required to have a DPP. Emendo is here to assist you throughout your DPP journey.

How We Can Support Your Transition

With significant experience in DPP compliance, we are ready to apply our proven methods and processes to support your organization through this journey. We look beyond the mandatory compliance aspect and see the DPP as an opportunity to increase your brand reputation, enhance the consumer experience, optimize your supply chain, and more.

What We Offer:

  • Exploration: We begin with a workshop that involves multiple disciplines and departments. We brainstorm goals, consumer use-cases, and potential prototypes or pilot projects.
  • Prototypes and Pilots: We choose, prepare, execute, measure, adapt, and aren’t afraid to fail fast or succeed fast.
  • Ramp-up, Scale, and Deploy: Successful pilots become real projects that provide tangible benefits. We expand geographically, brand by brand, range by range.
  • Monitor and Optimize: We keep a close watch on results, behaviors, mistakes, weaknesses, and opportunities. This feedback informs the continuous improvement efforts.
  • Pharma serialization expertise (equivalent DPP)
  • Track and Trace service provider relations
  • PLM in Consumer Goods
  • Fashion industry experience

What Could This Mean for Your Business?

We apply the EU DPP regulation, with fit-for-purpose technology, in the context of your consumer use-cases. That is how we keep our focus and can achieve the highest value proposition possible: Brand Integrity.

Emendo’s DPP service offering can help you become the lighthouse in sustainable consumer goods.

For more information about this service offering, contact Michel Vincent Henssen, Emendo Partner, via

Michel Vincent Henssen

Michel Vincent Henssen

Partner – Jutland
  1. The EU regulations have so far stipulated that the DPP must be a “persistent element” on the product, so that it can serve as the access point to sustainability data for all parties involved during the entire lifecycle of the product, from cradle to grave, or better yet: from cradle to cradle. This means that a QR code on the washing instructions tag will most likely not be accepted by the EU, as it is not considered to be “persistent” since such tags are most often cut out by consumers at some point.

  2. That depends on your brand’s ambition and aspiration towards Brand Integrity. We are of the opinion that – even without the EU DPP regulation compliancy aspect – every brand should be intrinsically motivated to do the right thing, for people and the planet, and gain brand integrity recognition at the same time. Being an early mover brings you the benefit of having the concept, the logic, and the flow in place that serves your brand’s consumer (and other stakeholders) use cases. As soon as the EU adds particular requirements to the DPP, you can simply include them in your existing concept.

  3. Yes, there definitely are. Which upsides might present themselves to you depend on your particular brand, your product types, how much your consumer/stakeholder journey means for your company’s success, and how mature your supply chain is. To name a few potential upsides:

    • Luxury goods: counterfeit detection
    • Fast-moving consumer goods: Supplier network, supply chain, logistics, and warehouse management optimization potential
    • Consumer relationship: after-purchase experiences including service, repair, upgrade, trade, refurbish, and return
  4. Yes, there are. We have experience with several solution providers that enable exactly that: connecting multi-tier supply chain and life cycle contributors for your use-case purposes, including the post-sale part of your product life cycle. If in the foreseeable future blockchain becomes a viable and commonly accepted platform for DPP, the logic that you will have built up will still be valid, valuable, and necessary, not only for DPP but also for your other identified upsides.

  5. Most companies we have experience with have way more relevant data than they are aware of. This is mostly due to silos within the organization not knowing each other’s processes, flows, datasets. This is often discovered when a company starts implementing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)capabilities, which by nature are cross-functional, departmental in nature. So, DPP is less about creating more data; it is more about dealing with already existing data, enriching it where needed, and making it available to relevant audiences.

  6. You came to the right place! Every company has its own cross departmental collaborative maturity level, its own sustainability ambitions and aspirations, its own imagination about the consumer and other brand stakeholders’ journeys of the future. Therefor we recommend and help our customers do the following:

    • Start with exploration, define your ambitions, stakeholders’ journeys, and choose to oversee pilots or prototypes
    • Execute your pilots/prototypes, do your lessons learned, and select which ones can be scaled up in production
    • Scale up, optimize, and spread
    • Monitor and continuously improve

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