Research & Development

Morten Alhede

Managing Partner

PhD Medical Microbiology

Kristine Pagh Laursen


MSc Biomed Eng.

Britt Dam Raaby

Vice President

MSc. Biotechnical Eng.

Hanne Everland

Vice President

PhD Polymer Science

Tanguy Floch

Scientific Senior Consultant

MSc Chemical Eng.

Cecilie Domar Villadsen

Scientific Lead Consultant

MSc Medicinal Chemistry

Pernille Bonnor

Scientific Lead Consultant

MSc in Pharma Design & Eng.

Christine Weber

Principal Scientific Consultant

PhD Chemistry

Anita Godiksen

Scientific Lead Consultant

PhD Inorganic Chemistry

Martine Khataei Notabi

Scientific Lead Consultant

Ph.D. in Medical Biotech.

Eva Sjöblom

Scientific Consultant

MSc in Eng. & Biotech.

Bahar Bingöl

Scientific Senior Consultant

PhD. Polymer Science

Sanne Valentin

Scientific Senior Consultant

PhD. Biochemistry

Andres Bueno Venegas

Scientific Consultant

PhD Health and Medical Sciences

Daniel Hansen

Scientific Senior Consultant

PhD Physical Chemistry

Johan Martin Barfoed

Student Assistant

MSc Advanced Materials & Healthcare Engineering

Maria Hvidberg Petersen

Scientific Lead Consultant

Ph.D Molecular BioMedicine

Marie Søndergaard Forsbøl

Junior Consultant

M.Sc. in pharmaceutical sciences

Sadia Asghar Butt

Scientific Senior Consultant


Marianne Søndergaard

Scientific Senior Consultant

MCs in Pharma

Sophie Egesø Paulsen

Student Assistant

MSc Biotechnical Engineering

Piotr Mazurek

Scientific Lead Consultant


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While we operate globally, our headquarters are located in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, serving as the central hub for our operations. We have offices in Silkeborg, Kalundborg and Raleigh, US. With a team of more than 100 skilled consultants, we are ready to offer our specialized expertise internationally

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We are on a mission to make a real difference in the world, to help you to dream so big you get uncomfortable telling people about it. Our passion is taking on those massive problems that keep us up at night. We are not afraid to dive in head first and come up with groundbreaking solutions.

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