Nur Sahin



Nur is a consultant at Emendo Engineering, and she comes from a background in civil engineering. She initially joined Emendo as a junior consultant three years ago.

“There were many reasons why I chose Emendo," she says. "First, the job description caught my attention. After my first job interview, I also fell in love with the work environment and the enthusiastic and kind employees that I got to have a glimpse of. I haven’t regretted my decision to join ever since, as I am thrilled to be a part of such a great company."

She is especially keen on working on projects where she gets to do BIM (building information modeling) and construction management—but no matter what she's working on, her goal is always to make sure that clients get exactly what they need from their project.

When not working, Nur likes to spend time with her family and friends—and she will always say yes when they ask her if they can watch her favorite teams play football!

If you’re considering becoming a consultant, Nur says: “Be confident in yourself and just jump into it!”