Mikael Elley

Senior Partner


Mikael Elley is a Sr. Partner at Emendo Consulting Group, where he has worked for almost two years.

Before joining Emendo, Mikael spent almost 25 years in Southern California making electric cars. He was also previously a Partner in a Technology Management Consulting company serving mostly local Fortune 500 and midsize clients in several industries including Automotive, Entertainment, Pharma, Bio-Tech, and Medical Devices.

Mikael joined Emendo Consulting Group as it became clear to him that the company's values were aligned with creating value for the customer and that doing the right thing always comes first.

Everyone at Emendo, including the senior management, has clients and projects they work on. At any given point in time, Mikael is engaged in several projects from strategic technology advisory roles to the creation of post-acquisition value creation plans, operational excellence projects, managing strategic RFP processes, and technology rollout assessment projects.

When asked what he enjoys the most about working in consulting, Mikael says: “One of the benefits of being a consultant is that you get a unique opportunity to gain expert-level of insights into multiple industries at an accelerated pace. This insight can then be used to unlock even more value for our clients as they go through their innovation and transformation processes.”

Privately, Mikael is married with two adult children. He spends his free time staying active on his bicycle and in the gym if he isn't helping his wife or daughter at the horse stables.