Martine Khataei Notabi

Scientific lead Consultant


Martine joined Emendo R&D in May 2021. She started as a scientific junior consultant, and after 2 months she was promoted to a scientific consultant. Just 1.5 years later, she became a scientific lead consultant.

She comes from a background in chemical engineering, where she finished her Ph.D. in Medical Biotechnology just before starting at Emendo R&D.

“I chose Emendo R&D because it was a great opportunity to transition from academia to a career in the industry and gain experience within various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry while utilizing the expertise, I have obtained during my time in academia, thereby maintaining my scientific edge." "In addition, I could identify with the Emendo values and culture, which for me is a major part of what separates us from others and why working at Emendo is so great," she says.

SME projects that allow her to apply her scientific training are her favorite kind of projects to work on.

Her advice for future consultants? “Be curious, agile, and ready to be part of complex projects with high impact for the clients."