Maria Saabye Jørgensen

Senior Consultant


Maria became part of Emendo Implementation three years ago and has since worked on projects with an eye for optimizing supply chains. She's a senior consultant now and still as excited about her work as ever!

"I chose Emendo because I wanted to work with skilled co-workers in a flat working environment where the focus is on solving problems together with our customers," she explains.

She has a MSc in Engineering, Operations & Mgmt. Eng. and works with supply chain projects, focusing on processes, people, and systems.

Her favorite types of projects are supply chain related as she enjoys the interconnections in the chain and how well you can streamline and optimize the processes across if you understand how to control your supply chain.

After a day of driving progress with our customers, Maria can be found working on a DIY project at home or getting up early on a Friday to bring homemade breakfast for the rest of her team!

Her advice for future consultants: “Be humble and honest - and enjoy the changes and processes you will likely be a part of!”