Line Qvist Stauersbøl



Line has been a consultant at Emendo Project Consulting for two years.

She graduated from DTU with a Master's in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering. Before that, she was a carpenter.

While she started as a junior consultant, Line managed to in less than a year move up the ranks to a consultant. Her favorite types of projects to work on are "the long and hectic ones," she says because they allow Emendo Project Consulting to truly make an impact.

"At first, it was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my diverse background of carpentry, the pharma industry, and my interest in project management," Line says. "But more important now is the culture within the company. As a consultant, it can be difficult to belong as you spend most of your time with clients instead of your consultant colleagues." But Emendo prioritizes internal connections highly, which gives everyone an amazing bond within the company."

When not busy at work, Line loves to play beach volleyball and spends her vacation days traveling the world. She has even participated in a scientific experiment where she had a chip installed into her head so that researchers could track her sleep patterns for an entire year!