Tanguy Floch

Scientific Senior Consultant


Tanguy joined Emendo R&D in 2018, when the team comprised of just four members, a contrast to today's 16 and growing R&D team. Emendo support Tanguy’s view whereby “teamwork is very good, and above all, the value you bring to the company is not necessarily the number of hours you sit at your desk.”

As a Senior Scientific Consultant, he supports medical device development projects and specializes in tackling the most complex statistical modelling challenges within the regulatory framework. Currently, he is working on a combination product that advises a company on, among other things, various technical, procurement and regulatory aspects of developing a series of products that combines a drug, a biologic, or a device component into a single entity.

In addition, Tanguy thrives in project leadership roles and in working with stakeholders at all levels of the client organisation to deliver optimal solutions. Tanguy summarizes the R&D team in three words: "High-achieving, inspirational, and resilient."