Andrés Bueno Venegas

Scientific Consultant


Andrés was introduced to Emendo through a fellow climber who recognized his potential match, and he joined the R&D team soon after.

As a Scientific Consultant, Andrés takes on diverse roles – from scientist to project manager. In one project, he led the validation of an analytical method for a new Phase 2 clinical trial therapy, handling experiments, procedures, and reports.

He enjoys collaborating with people from various backgrounds, embracing their diverse problem-solving approaches. Andrés believes that his teams work which is deeply rooted in science, requires both structure and creativity.

“As a consultant, you need to be able to pick up the pace and learn about new topics in a relatively short period of time. This is also a lot of fun as you get the opportunity to learn about many different topics in a short period of time, which increases your toolbox enormously.”

Andrés describes the R&D team as “enjoyable, inclusive, and ambitious.”