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Emendo Supports a Social-Driven Solid Waste Management Facility in Kétao, Togo

Laura Dam Christophersen, Consultant from our Project Consulting team, alongside partnering organizations, spearheaded a project aiming to revolutionize solid waste management in Kétao, Togo.


The Background

In the city of Kétao, Togo (in West Africa), the community of about 25,000 inhabitants is challenged by inefficient waste management. Hosting a weekly regional market attracting up to 50,000 visitors, the accumulation of plastic waste has become a significant concern. In 2020, Laura Dam Christophersen, Consultant at Emendo, joined a project with the Danish Engineers Without Borders, Civil Society in Development and the local partner ADSA (Association pour le Développement Social et Agricol), to support a Solid Waste Management Facility in Kétao.

Kétao, known for its lively market, faces a growing issue of waste mismanagement. The shift from traditional packaging to plastic has resulted in the accumulation of plastic bags littering the streets and fields, contributing to a total of approximately 10,000 tons of waste generated annually. With no established waste management policy, the current practice involves uncontrolled dumping in surrounding fields and open burning, posing health risks and environmental pollution.

Partnership and Collaboration

With Laura’s advocacy, Emendo proudly joined forces with Engineers Without Borders and Civil Society in Development in 2023, amplifying the project’s impact with additional resources and expertise. This collaboration combines the strengths of each organization, creating a partnership to tackle the complex issue of solid waste management in Kétao.

Waste Management, Repurposing, and Education

To address the challenge, the project aims to expand the waste collection system to the half of the town and implement an adapted sorting process to collect plastics and biowaste from the waste stream. The plastic film (e.g. low-density polyethylen) will be turned into building materials and the compost from biowaste will be used to establish gardens for growing vegetables. In addition, educational programs will be introduced to teach the community about waste handling, various waste-to-value streams and composting. This integrated approach aims not only to manage waste efficiently but also to empower the community through education.

Financial Support and Long-Term Sustainability

Emendo is committed to providing hard funding for the project, including the purchase of two tuk-tuk vehicles (known as tricycles) for waste collection. In 2024, an Emendo employee will oversee the project in Togo, ensuring its successful implementation. To guarantee long-term success, the project aims to encourage the local commune’s financial contribution, supporting a self-sustaining model where the community actively participates in paying the waste collection fees.

Beyond Emendo Initiative

This project aligns with Emendo’s broader initiative, “Beyond Emendo,” which goes beyond profit generation to focus on making a positive impact on society. By addressing the critical issue of solid waste management in Kétao, Emendo exemplifies how collective efforts can contribute to building a better future for communities in need.

Impact in Process

The collaboration between Emendo, Engineers Without Borders, Civil Society in Development and ADSA is a positive step towards transforming waste management in Kétao. With an approach that includes efficient waste management, repurposing initiatives, educational programs, and a focus on long-term sustainability, this project aims to make Kétao a pioneering city in environmentally sound waste management practices in Togo. Emendo remains committed to driving positive change, showcasing how businesses can play a role in addressing societal challenges.

Contact Laura

To learn more about this project in Kétao, please reach out to Laura Dam Christophersen, the Emendo driving force behind this initiative.

Laura Dam Christophersen

Laura Dam Christophersen


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