Emendo Supports the Establishment of Independent Tea Production for Local Farmers in Honde Valley, Zimbabwe

Our Digital and Improvement teams, in collaboration with the Danish Engineers Without Borders, supported local farmers to establish an independent tea production in Honde Valley, Zimbabwe.


The Background

In Honde Valley, located in the eastern part of Zimbabwe, local tea growers are challenged by a constrained and unpredictable income from tea production. A collaborative effort between the Emendo and the Danish Engineers Without Borders supports the independent production of the farmers in Honde Valley.

Honde Valley is part of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe and is known for its tea and coffee production. With no possibility of negotiating the price for fresh tea leaves with the corporate tea processing industry and no alternative place to sell their produce during shutdowns and longer maintenance periods, the local farmers and their families, encompassing roughly 6,000 people, are facing poverty including a lack of food security and unstable living condition.

Partnership and Collaboration

Our Digital and Improvement teams are collaborating with the Danish Engineers Without Borders to help the farmers of Honde Valley, Zimbabwe create an independent tea production. This collaboration combines the strengths of each team, amplifying the project’s impact with additional resources and expertise, ultimately seeking to decrease poverty and improve the living conditions of the farmers and their families.

Financial Support for the Development of a Production Facility

Emendo is committed to amplifying the project’s impact with hard funding to address the challenges of poverty for the farmers and their families in Honde Valley. This funding ensures that the project can obtain authority validation and finance the necessary construction of a small-scale production facility including cement foundation, roof, walls, and electrification of the building. The production facility will ensure the farmer’s independence of the corporate tea processing industry thereby decreasing poverty for the farmers and their families.

Ensuring Independent Tea Production Through Knowledge Exchange

To guarantee long-term success, in addition to supporting the development of a small-scale production facility, the project ensures that local farmers complete technical, business, and administrative training and get hands-on production. This integrated approach aims to empower the community through education and ensure the farmers can manage the production facility independently.

Creating an Impact Beyond Emendo

This project aligns with Emendo’s broader initiative, “Beyond Emendo,” aimed at surpassing mere profit generation and prioritizing a positive societal impact. By tackling the challenge of poverty stemming from the constrained and unpredictable income from tea production for farmers and their families in Honde Valley, Zimbabwe, this initiative serves as an illustration of how collaborative efforts can play a crucial role in shaping a more promising future for communities in need.

Decreasing Poverty with Independent Production

The collaboration between our Digital and Improvement teams, and the Danish Engineers Without Borders is a positive step towards decreasing poverty and improving the living conditions for the people of Honde Valley. With an approach that includes the technical development of a production facility, educational programs, and a focus on long-term independence, this project aims to make an impactful difference for the farmers and their families. Emendo remains dedicated to driving a positive impact, showcasing how businesses can play an important role in addressing societal change.

Contact Lærke

To learn more about this project in Honde Valley, please reach out to Lærke Ulbæk, the Emendo driving force behind this initiative.

Lærke Ulbæk

Lærke Ulbæk

Junior Management Consultant

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