Emendo Supports Local Non-Profit Make Greater Community Impact in Raleigh, North Carolina

Through a strong partnership with the non-profit Activate Good, our USA Services team continues to greatly amplify their impact on the community in Raleigh and beyond with the project Learn and Serve. The team supports Activate Good’s development of internal processes providing management consulting and volunteering with local partner organizations.


The Background

Activate Good is a Raleigh-based non-profit that supports other local non-profits by joining volunteers and partner organizations together in meaningful ways. Through advertising opportunities on their easy-to-use platform, organizing large volunteer events, and providing networking and learning opportunities, Activate Good has an invaluable impact on the Raleigh community facilitating volunteer opportunities between people, businesses, and other non-profits.

The Learn and Serve project provided space for Activate Good to do what they do best with gentle guidance along the way allowing for them to work through their strategies and plans. Having rolled out many programs before, Activate Good knew what they needed to do, and the focus point for Emendo was to build trust in our first project together and deliver the quality of service our customers have come to expect.

Partnership and Collaboration

Partnering with Activate Good, Emendo is able to provide a positive impact to the volunteer community in Raleigh and beyond. In this project, Emendo has supported Activate Good with project management, management consulting, and hands on volunteering projects.

Defining Deliverables, Responsibilities, and Timelines

To kick off the partnership, Emendo hosted a workshop in the Raleigh office to develop a project plan for the rollout of a new program. The ‘Learn and Serve’ program increases the impact of a volunteer experience by deep diving into the relevant issues prior to volunteering, providing a space to reflect after volunteering, and presenting opportunity to amplify the individual impact going forward. Defining deliverables, responsibilities, and timelines during the workshop set Activate Good up for success in delivering this new program to the Raleigh community.

Ensuring Community Engagement

The interactive workshop between Emendo and Activate Good was developed in a way to ensure full engagement in the community to maximize the impact for the volunteers and community. The program was centered around ensuring that the volunteers learn about the community around them to become a vehicle for greater civic participation and empowerment.

Creating an Impact Beyond Emendo

The partnership with Activate Good aligns with Emendo’s broader initiative, “Beyond Emendo,” on making a positive impact on society. By supporting Activate Good with project management and management consulting services, the collaboration empowers volunteer actions to create a ripple effect throughout the Raleigh area.

Amplifying the Good Story Together

The collaboration between Emendo and Activate Good is an on-going partnership and a positive step towards strengthening volunteer engagement both in the Raleigh area and beyond. In addition to financial support, Emendo provides continuous support offering both time and expertise to further strengthen Activate Good’s expertise in helping other non-profits improve, thus creating a priceless ripple effect throughout the community.

Contact Taylor

To learn more about this project in Raleigh, please reach out to Taylor Byle, the Emendo driving force behind this initiative.

Taylor Byle

Taylor Byle

Senior Consultant

Beyond Emendo

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